D MacLeod Tassie Winners

Note: This list is from the names and dates engraved on the trophy. Some of the dates don’t match the dates in the minute book as the award was decided in one year and it was some time before the presentation was made as it was done at a competition or other event.

The award to Alex MacIver was in the minutes for 1980 but the trophy is engraved 1979 so it must have been a late decision for the previous year.

Some years the trophy was not awarded.

In 1989 Seumas MacNeill was chosen by the committee but the award was never made.

In 2001 Jeannie Campbell was chosen by the committee but declined the award as she felt it was inappropriate to accept while holding the office of President.

1977Dolina MacKay and Flora McNeill
1978BBC Chanter Programme
1979Alex MacIver
1980Donald MacPherson
1981Strathclyde Police Pipe Band
1982Uist and Barra Association
1983Angus J MacLellan
1984Alfred Morrison
1985Duncan Johnstone
1986Evan MacRae
1987Iain MacFadyen
1988Niall Campbell
1993Ian McLellan
1994Queen’s Own Highlanders
1995PM Angus MacDonald
1999The Glasgow Academy
2000J. MacGregor Henderson